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The Benefits of Singing


Singing brings great joy to people but it also has many other benefits!


Emotional Benefits

As well as increasing confidence, singing makes you happy! It relieves stress and releases endorphins which make you feel good. One of the greatest benefits of singing is the constant use of the ‘memory muscle’ and the ability to improve mental concentration and memory.


Educational Benefits

Singing helps to develop children’s language and communication skills whilst exercising lip and tongue movement which helps with speech development as well as broadening their vocabulary. Young children learn rapidly through the use of music, song and rhyme as the process of singing helps to embed the information in a child’s mind. For instance, many young children may learn the letters of the alphabet through the use of song.


Physical Benefits

Singing also has physical benefits; the deep breathing used when singing helps to exercise the lungs, strengthen the diaphragm and improves circulation. Improved posture is also another benefit as standing straight is part of good singing technique which will eventually become routine. Studies have also shown that singing can also boost the immune system and helps with sleep.


Social Benefits

Singing as part of a choir has great social benefits as you are able to make new friends with others who enjoy music and singing. Group singing brings people together and is great for bonding. Studies have shown that people who sing in choirs are more connected to one another than  those participating in other classes.

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