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What a wonderful group to join. My daughter's confidence has blossomed, she feels like she is part of a family. The staff are so friendly and talented. They choose amazing songs and put on memorable events. I lucked out discovering Young Notres and if you are looking for somewhere for your child / teen to flourish, then look no more.


“The dedicated and professional Young Notes team have created a wonderfully happy & friendly environment where every child has been able to grow in confidence whilst learning some great  songs. Regan's enthusiasm, patience and skills in drawing out the very best from the choir has resulted in some wonderful public performances this year and my daughter and her friends can't wait for the new term to begin.”


Colin Whaley
Center Parcs UK & I
Sales & Marketing Director

You guys are amazing and as far as I am concerned, you change the ad from being really good to fabuous. The way you bring that song to life adds so much emotion and is so right for Center Parcs. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!


No Ordinary Choir!

"My five year old twins started at Young Notes in January and despite initial nervousness ( I had to stay the first session as my legs were clung to so tightly) they now get into their t-shirts straight after school and count down the time until we can get to the class. In just one month they have grown in confidence and love practising and performing their new songs. After just 4 weeks they put their hand up for a solo / duet and got to sing 2 lines on their own plus my daughter had a real confidence boost winning star of the week.I am so impressed with the passion that a class like this can bring out and just wish they had an adults version I could join!"


Since signing up my teenage son and daughter to YTA and YN, they have grown in confidence. THey thoroughly enjoy themselves and have refined their singing and dance skills. School teachers have also picked up on changes and reported back a significant change in their confidence!


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Amazing team! My son has been attending YTA & YN since Oct 2019 for five hours a week and he loves every minute of it!. He loves singing, dance and drama wnd when he initially started at YTA, he was so excited that he really wanted to attend Young NOtes choir as well. He is much moree confident and really enjoys the classes. The teachers and students are fantastic. Regan, Nadia, Kay and the whole team are so talented and are so lovely with the students. Thank you all. Highly recommend YTA and YN!



I'm really grateful to be in YTA and YN, the staff and students are like family to me. They helped me express myself and overcome some of my fears! So for that, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU!



Since joining, my 16 year old daughter has found loyal, like minded friends for the first time in her life! The staff have been hugely supportive of my daughter and have been there even during difficult times - always offering empathy, understanding and encouragement. Not only has my daughter enhamced her performing art skills, she also gets to be a part of a diverse and inclusive community that embraces all students and helps them grow into the young adults they are destined to be. THANK YOU YTA AND


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